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New relationships are simply the metaphor for seeds because they are full of possibility and hold the spark of life. For anyone who wants to hold the spark and cultivate patience in this fast-paced digital world, plants can be a great idea. With the right balance of light, water and nutrients a seed can survive and a relationship also requires things that are quite similar to these intangible assets.

Space and time are the other two vital components. Keeping all the mushy sweet talks aside, these plants can serve as a vital push for any relationship. Want to know how? Here are a few ways through which plants can benefit a relationship by benefiting the overall physical and mental state of the body:

1.     Plants can keep the mental state of mind sound

Just having plants at home can improve mental health. Researchers have approved of the fact that people who live around nature are much happier than people who don’t. Firstly, plants can make your partner think of outdoors and at times when they are exhausted, plants make them feel less confined. And then there is the air quality benefit and the advantage of reduced mental stress and anxiety. Plants can be literally someone’s best buddy and they can be the best birthday gift for someone who is struggling to cope with anxiety and stress. So, next time buy the best plant to gift on birthday for any of your close ones who are facing any of such problematic mental status?

2.     Give your partner’s immunity a boost

Everyone loves it when they get some extra care while being sick. But most problems begin at times when the immunity gives up and your loved one feels alone with no one besides them. But if you want your partner to fall less sick then you can pick plants like that of Chrysanthemum or Snake plants because they are proven to give a push to your body’s natural lymphocytes and boost your immunity.

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