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Red Rose Bloom

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There are 100 different species of roses. Most of them are native to Asia, while others originate from Europe, North America and Africa. Roses can be found throughout the world due to commercial breeding. Cultivation of roses started 500 years BC and resulted in creation of 13 000 varieties of roses. # Roses are well known by their prickles. They look like hooks which facilitate bonding to the other plants and protects stem from herbivores. # Red rose is a symbol of love.
  • Fertilise the plant regularly.
  • Roses do best when soil moisture is kept uniform throughout the growing season.
  • Deliver water directly to the roots and avoid the leaves.
  • The image is indicative in nature. As plants are natural products, shape and size may be of varying scale.
  • For flowering plants, the flower can be fully bloomed, semi bloomed or in bud stage.
  • It will be delivered on the same day of placing the order.

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